What are the puzzle books printing wholesale processes?

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In real life, we have bought our favorite products, and we also like the beautiful gift packaging box, which has a very big effect on the promotion of sales. So as a merchant, when we customize our product packaging, what are the puzzle books printing wholesale processes?

First, gluing is a process of pasting transparent plastic film to the surface of printed matter through the hot pressing process, gluing can make the gift box look smoother and brighter, make the graphic color more bright, but also can play a waterproof, antifouling, waterproof role. According to its function can be divided into bright film, dumb film and touch film three kinds. The gluing process can strengthen the role of printed matter in wear resistance, folding resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. However, for foreign trade enterprises, because the plastic film is not degradable, it is difficult to recycle, and it is easy to cause white pollution. Therefore, if your customer is in a country with high environmental requirements, you should use plastic laminating process with caution.

Second, hot printing process, also known as hot press printing, is a heat transfer technology, the need to make hot printing patterns or text into a convex plate, under the action of pressure and high temperature, through the high temperature will be a variety of aluminum foil printed on the substrate on a process, this process will make the gift box surface, showing a strong metallic luster, so that the product has a high-grade texture. In addition, aluminum foil has excellent physical and chemical properties, which can play a role in protecting printed matter. Therefore, hot stamping process is widely used in modern custom packaging box printing, especially for kraft paper, black cardboard such as not suitable for printing high-grade paper, hot stamping process is very suitable, generally we use more is hot stamping, hot silver process, but also according to customer needs, to design laser gold and other colors.

Third, glazing can effectively protect the surface of the product packaging box. As the name suggests, "glazing" is sprayed on the surface of the printed matter with a layer of colorless transparent paint, which forms a certain luster on the surface of the printed aircraft box and the product packaging box, and plays a waterproof and oil-proof role on the surface of the packaging. At the same time, because the printing is isolated from the air, it has a good barrier effect, which can maintain the bright color of the surface of the print, so that the color of the product packaging box can be maintained for a long time.

Fourth, punch punch concave is a special hand for processing the product packaging box. In general, through the use of molds, under a certain pressure, the printed matter is deformed, so that the surface of the entire product presents a similar relief of concave and convex, enhancing the difference of the product. Punching can make a variety of different shades of pattern according to customer needs, just like the relief in the sculpture, which increases the overall three-dimensional sense and visual impact of the product packaging box.

Five, die cutting indentation process, also known as pressure cutting molding, knife, etc. When the customer's product packaging box needs to be cut into a certain shape, then we can complete it by die-cutting indentation process. The die cutting is a method of steel blade lined up mold (or carved into a mold with steel plate), frame, etc., rolling the paper into a certain shape on the die cutting machine, and then removing the waste. This method can provide a lot of personalized decoration for the packaging. The indentation is the use of steel wire, by imprinting on the paper to press marks or leave grooves for bending a process, usually used in folding.

For the product packaging box, the commonly used post-press process is only these, product packaging box as our facade, has been an important weapon for us to attract the attention of customers, and businesses to do this product, we must be clear about the follow-up process of this product, so that businesses have no questions, manufacturers are not troubled.

puzzle books printing wholesale https://www.thpkgg.com/Puzzle-books.html


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