The benefits of choosing a gps temperature monitoring device?

gps temperature monitoring device

Under the conditions of people's living standards continue to improve, many people have bought a "transport" tool - the car, but there are still many lazy people in society, the pain of other people's cars stolen based on their own theft of the "happiness", then how to give the car theft? Here we recommend a gps temperature monitoring device.

Speaking of free GPS locator, why would you write an article specifically for this GPS locator? Because I think it really helps me a lot, and I do not want to give my car broken lines, so I will choose this free installation locator, but also to give more car friends help. Now let me introduce the benefits of this gps temperature monitoring device.

1. Battery power. As we all know, since you have chosen a GPS locator that is not installed without wiring, you are very concerned about the power of the battery, the GPT06 has a power of 1800 MA, which can be standby for about a week, but there is a 14500 MA locator, which belongs to the ultra-long waiting model.

2, with strong magnetic. Since it is free of installation, it will certainly not use a bag to wrap the locator, so the locator will automatically have a strong magnet, and it will be placed on the car where it can be adsorbed.

3, remote listening function. To put it bluntly, you can dial the SIM card installed in this locator to hear the content of the car's people.

4, GPS and GSM base station dual positioning. This dual positioning is really good for our owners, that is, when the GPS signal in a place is not good, you can also use the base station to locate, and this locator can also use two platforms, one is GPS positioning (car online), one is GSM base station positioning (cool Miko), so it greatly facilitates our owners.

5, in fact, there are many functional benefits, here is not to say, such as: electronic fence, power saving mode, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, etc., you can go to understand.

The advantages of choosing gps temperature monitoring device, the above five points are the advantages of this gps temperature monitoring device, I hope to write it out for the majority of riders are useful.

gps temperature monitoring device


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