Ultimate Guide to FC 24 TOTS Kounde SBC: Steps, Costs & Rewards

The article provides a step-by-step guide to completing FC 24 TOTS Kounde SBC, outlining the requirements and rewards for each challenge. It emphasizes Kounde's versatility and strong defensive skills, with a cost of around 600,000 coins. The SBC consists of completing six challenges



Jules Kounde's special card in FC 24 is highly sought after, and with the launch of both La Liga and Liga F TOTS, a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) has been introduced to honor his impressive season performance in-game.

Kounde's SBC Overview

  • Completing the Kounde SBC: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Squad Building Challenges for La Liga Enthusiasts

  • Requirements: Two 89-rated teams and one 90-rated team

  • The Cost of Acquiring TOTS Kounde

In this guide, we delve into the steps necessary to add the versatile defender Kounde to your squad, including the total expense and the number of teams required for submission. Known for his adaptability, Kounde has proven to be a valuable player in various positions, boasting impressive stats and a strong in-game presence.

With the La Liga season nearing its end, Barcelona is poised to secure the second spot, overcoming a season filled with fluctuating fortunes. While they may not have replicated the previous season's success, clinching a Champions League spot is a commendable achievement. Kounde has been a pillar in the defense, showcasing his skills as a right back or central defender.

His reliability is reflected in this special card, which captures his footballing prowess. To add the French powerhouse to your team, you'll need to complete a series of six Squad Building Challenges as outlined:

  • Details of the SBCs required for TOTS Kounde

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To successfully complete the FC 24 TOTS Kounde SBC, players must assemble multiple high-rated squads with specific requirements. Here's a breakdown of what you'll need:

  • For the first challenge, you must craft a squad that includes at least one player from Barcelona and one TOTS or TOTW player. The overall team rating should be no less than 86. Completing this will earn you a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The second squad must feature a French player and another TOTS or TOTW player, with a minimum team rating of 87. Upon completion, you'll receive a Small Gold Players Pack.

  • The third challenge requires one LaLiga EA Sports player and a squad with a minimum rating of 88. Your reward for this will be a Premium Electrum Players Pack.

  • In the fourth challenge, there's no specific player requirement, but the squad's rating must meet or exceed 89. You'll be rewarded with a Premium Gold Players Pack for this assembly.

  • Finally, the fifth squad must reach a minimum rating of 90, and once completed, you will be granted a Rare Electrum Players Pack.

Images for each squad can be found via EASYSBC, providing visual guidance for your squad-building endeavors.

Costs and Card Evaluation

Unlocking the Kounde Team of the Season card is a task that players can certainly accomplish, requiring the completion of six Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). The cost to acquire this card hovers around the 600,000 coins mark, which seems a fair price considering the card's impressive 94 overall rating for the center-back position.

Kounde's versatility is a key advantage, as he can adeptly fill roles in more than one position on the pitch. His standout attributes include a lightning-fast 92 Pace and a robust 94 Defending, complemented by a solid 90 Physical rating. These stats solidify him as a formidable defensive presence.

If you're considering adding this exceptional defender to your squad, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section about tackling this SBC challenge.

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